Business Transformation

Adapt or go. Adaptable companies grow profitably and sustainable. Organizational transformation is your top management legacy.

Our transformation approach focuses on the right strategy. It speeds up your transformation journey. Our team ensures that the prioritization is on the right topics to have impact and sustainable success.

For business, countries and for government transformation

Geopolitical collaboration

Global collaboration is facing new challenges. In an atmosphere of increasing tensions the right approach balancing geopolitical interests is decisive.

We support the leadership team with good analysis, a viable implementation path and the right competencies. How can we contribute fostering economic growth, fair collaboration, environmental balance and global peace?

Leadership Transformation

The core of the success are you and your leadership team as value contributor. During the transformation your personal growth is key to manage the unmanageable.

Our proven tools help enriching your today’s capability set:  based on a sound review of the growth potential we develop the right mix of coaching, training and action learning. Creating growth and business results.

disruptive innovation

The magic weapon for high impact innovation:

Disruptive times call for faster speed. You want to reach both: quick time-to market and high control to create value with limited resources? Let´s solve this dilemma with inspiration and ease. Professional support for speedboats by our experienced innovation coaches.

Agile project management, lean start-up and design thinking are part of the support. Necessary to reach the target in complex times. Proven in global, mid-size and multi-division companies.

MErgers & Akquisition

Before closing the deal you want to identify critical competences.

Our proven critical competence map gives clarity who needs to stay and who might leave. And the motivators for the core team.

Our transformation approach focuses on the invisible part of the iceberg. It completes with the value creating soft facts your preparation with lawyers and tax consultants.

The crucial topics to generate value and success.

Small interventions

A journey begins with the first step.

We also provide a valuable package of small interventions. Strategic advice to solve quickly complex issues. Evaluations to identify barriers and the ideal solutions. With uncomplicated straightforward ideas which have an enourmous effect.

Easy to implement, making your business smarter without big investments.

Start your transformation now:

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A few things we’re great at

We minimize consulting and training days.
We improve results. Simply more wealth with less effort. With more elegant methods, sustainable outcome and fun.

Organizational Capabilities

Most strategy implementations fail. Typically not because the plan was bad. Mostly organizational capabilities were poorly managed. Our transformation projects actively master this key success factor. We opened 12 training centers over the last 5 years.

Profitable growth is a result by real world application outside the HQ. Our focus on business results is proven by inspiring Roll-Outs across Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa. Our partners live in Europe, USA and Asia.

Flexible Project Management

The best plan will face implementation barriers during the Roll Out. Our systematic approach ensures continuous realization controlling and a smooth management feedback.

Lean Approach

We produce results instead of papers.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Do you sometimes think the way how we implement corporate initiatives is slow and time consuming? Through the PTI support we achieved groundbreaking results. Highly recommended. 


Global beverage Company 

We needed a fundamental improvement in our Leadership appproach. The PTI team developed an embedded Leadership training. We got clarity on the most important levers for the future.


Global Investment Group

I knew everything about leadership and professional management. Until I met Heiko and Jörg from PTI with their unique methods. That dramatically changed my way to lead, decide and develop my team. As result I more than doubled our profit and we clearly improved our EVP. 

Martin G. 

Beverage supplier Netherlands



The Secret of Success

See the big picture. Change the perspective. Meet the real root causes. New methods. Disruptive new solutions. Explosive leadership development. Our projects generate real results.

M&A support for
BioTech Company, Germany

Better than DCF and net asset value: We identified the motivation of the owener to sell. And the right price. And the key personnell to retain.

BusinessBoost for
Medical Care Center, Germany

With an new leadership approach achieved best employer brand. Digital workflows as added value for doctors. Profit doubled with better team spirit.

Leadership Transformation for
 Low Cost Operation, Belgium

Individual leadership development for CEO. Stepwise cascading development of his leadership team. Strategy development and implementation.

Business Transformation for
Global Manufacturer, Germany

Management Audit. Individual development plans for entire team. Organizational redesign: Right leader at the right place. Profit tripled.

Culture Transformation for
Global Producer, Asia

Bottleneck for growth: skilled labor shortage. Boost for the empoyer brand by best training and development in the industry. Retention quadrupled.

Business Transformation for
Global Food Brand, Africa

Bottleneck for production and profit: Maintenance culture. Identification of the real root causes, transformation of operations and maintenance, training.

Get clarity in your transformation journey. With PTI.

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Our Team

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Our Team

Reliable and innovative.
At home in Europe, USA and Asia.
For urgent projects like M&A deals we ensure 24/7 support accross the globe.

Dr. Jörg Puma


Strategy Advisory خدمات استشارات الاستراتيجية

Heiko Kieser 


 Project Development استشارات تطوير المشاريع


Kristin Eissfeldt

Executive Search and Coaching

Mind Development مركز تنمية القدرات العقلية

Peter Matthies

Venture Partner, CBI

Mind Development كز تنمية القدرات العقلية

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    A few things we’re great at

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